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Matthew Cheek in the News
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Thursday, March 23, 2017
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Mr. Cheek has always been on the cutting edge of technology use in his classroom. This month he was recognized for that use by the JPTIS principal, Jeanette Altman, with a nomination for the Teacher Tech Pro award given by the district’s technology newsletter Tech Cadre Corner.

The nomination was for his lesson involving a virtual museum tour. “Mr. Cheek created a virtual museum for his students to explore Ancient Rome.  In the museum, the students navigated through different exhibits and interacted with different forms of multimedia to learn about ancient Rome.” says Mrs. Altman.

The certificate was awarded March 21st at J. Paul by Cindy Powell, district technology coach. During the conversation other technology information emerged. Mr. Cheek is using Google’s CSFirst, a computer science curriculum with his students. This curriculum features the use of Scratch, an online coding site developed by MIT. There are varied units which gives the students variety in what they choose to produce with their new coding skills.

Although not necessarily technology related “Bits & Pieces” featured another unit of study involving the death of Julius Caesar in which the crime scene was investigated by students. A link to that issue is here.

Congratulations to Matthew Cheek for his use of technology to enhance the learning of his students!

Photo by Penny Burleson.


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