Media Center
Mr. Holt Hill (Media Specialist)
Phone:  843-374-8685 ext. 21003


The library media center is open during all school days from 7:30 to 3:30.  It has a flexible schedule meaning teachers and faculty sign-up for the days and times which best work for them.  All protocols for social distancing and sanitization measures will be followed in order to provide a safe and successful experience for everyone.

The quickest way for students to checkout materials is using their student I.D.  Students may checkout up to two (2) books for a two week loan period and after that renew items for one more week.  Books are overdue after two weeks.  Students need to turn books in on time and pay any debt for lost or damaged books or they may not be eligible to attend certain events.

You also should be receiving Destiny logins this year.  You can look up any books you have out or media fees you may be responsible for.  Also, there are many great E-books available that you can read (especially good for those on a virtual option).  Check back to this page later for more information on this.   

A Lexile measures either an individual's reading ability or the difficulty of a text, like a book or magazine article.  A reading test or program, like MAPS, provide students with their Lexile range. The media center will have a copy of students' Lexile range but will also have students record it.  A book, magazine, or other piece of written work gets its Lexile from being analyzed.  It's thought "if we know how well a student can read and how hard a specific book is to comprehend, we can predict how well that student will likely understand the book." (  Please refer to for more information.

Scholastic Reading Counts! is "a Lexile®-based independent reading program that tracks student success on the books they read, in and out of school." (  ) After students read their book, they can log-in to the Reading Counts! program in the media center and take a test over what they read, earning points for passing.  Each nine weeks there will be incentives for students who meet certain school-wide goals.